Don’t Be Ordinary

Are You Sick of Not Being Special?

Are you tired of being perceived as an ordinary dentist?

You’re not alone. One of the biggest issues dentists are facing is how to get noticed in a saturated market. This was one of the things I was facing when I started my practice
and was looking for ways to increase my income. If you’re also practicing in a saturated market, I completely understand your predicament.

  • You want to stand out from your competitors.
  • You want visibility.
  • You want to be seen as unique and special.
  • You want to grow your practice.
  • You want patients to come to you rather than spending a great deal of time and energy trying to bring in new patients.

But what more can you possibly do?

For the most part, you’re doing everything right, or at least all the things you’ve been told are effective and appropriate for dental practices.

However, there’s a lot more out there than what you’ve been told or taught.

Set Your Practice Apart from the Competition

There’s a new battle to fight in today’s market: People are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each and every day. It’s little wonder that they’re tuning out. And the only thing that’s going to make people listen is for you to offer them something new, different and interesting.

So how do you stand out? By offering value to your patients that they cannot get anywhere else.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer a savings program at your office for the people of your community? Wouldn’t that make you stand out?

What if you were the only dentist in your area offering programs, discounts and the opportunity to get the yearly care they need at discounted rates? Would your practice stand out from the crowd? Not only stand out, but lead the way in offering true value to the consumers in your area?

Put QDP to Work for You

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) lets you stand out by offering your patients and potential patients special benefits for enrolling in your savings program. I created this system to use in my own practice because I was facing the exact same problems that many of you are, and it’s been helping hundreds of dentists grow their practice revenue ever since because it offers something no one else does: a HUGE savings off of what the clients are already spending. And best of all, you keep a greater percent of your revenue rather than insurance companies taking most of the profits.