A complete system with proven results for your dental practice

I am sure you and your team have heard people express these concerns multiple times: “If I had dental insurance I would have come in sooner.” “Can you do anything for me? I don’t have dental benefits.”

It seems like more and more people are becoming insurance driven these days. We wanted to do something that benefited this growing segment of the community while creating a sustainable program for our practice.

What if you could offer patients an alternative to dental insurance? What if you could customize a dental plan, which provided this large segment of the population, with benefits created by you in a sustainable way for your practice?

Seamlessly Implement Our Systematic Approach

We worked for over 3 years developing, testing, and refining the Quality Dental Plan program. Since launching our company we continue to receive terrific responses from dentists and patients alike. It’s a fantastic way to grow the FFS portion of your practice and give people in your community a compelling reason to visit your office and accept treatment.

QDP is more than just an in-house dental plan. It’s a complete system for getting patients into your office, accepting treatment, and referring many, many others. Quality Dental Plan gives your office the opportunity to see many people who would normally put off dental care.

Essentially what we do with QDP is give you a systematic approach to creating, implementing, and maintaining an in-office patient benefit system. We give you an easy to follow recipe and from there, unlimited support along the way from our QDP admin team. QDP works because all of the pieces of the puzzle have been thoroughly tested and designed to work together for maximum effectiveness.

Quality Dental Plan works  and works extremely well. As you know, many people put off dental care because they lack insurance benefits. QDP gives people a reason to come to your office by providing them with real benefits. The best part is you remain in complete control of all fees and services. There is no 3rd party involved. Once people pay your office to enroll in QDP, they want to use the benefits they paid for so treatment plan acceptance goes up.

Leverage Our Marketing Tools for Your Practice

The team at Quality Dental Plan also provides you with marketing know-how. For example, using our customized press releases, one of our offices had 75 new patients schedule in 3 days. We’ve been featured on CBS, NBC, and a host of other media outlets. This directly drives patients to the QDP office nearest to them. Using the Quality Dental Plan story and benefits, our expert PR team works to get you and your office local exposure in the media bringing in hundreds of new patients.

We also provide you with a listing on our Quality Dental Plan website, www.QualityDentalPlan.com . Patients can easily search the site for the nearest QDP office. The QDP website works to drive patients to call your office for an appointment and become part of Quality Dental Plan and its benefits.  You can even find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/qualitydentalplan

Other types of marketing like free whitening or discounted new patient exams, while they may initially work to get patients in the door, over time they decrease the value of dental services because every office in your area seems to offer them at a lower fee. QDP keeps the patients coming to your office and keeps the value high in the eyes of your community.