Building the Case for a Savings Plan in a Dental Practice

Channeling buyer behavior benefits both dentists and their patients

In this economy, motivating patients to keep appointments and to accept your treatment recommendations relies on harnessing their natural buying behavior. It has been demonstrated that case acceptance goes up when patients value dentistry. The reason is simple – they decide to buy because you’re offering them something they actually want at what they perceive to be a fair price.

Overcoming Obstacles Facing Dental Patients

Of course, the problem we’re facing is how to get patients to continue to value dentistry when their budgets are tight. It’s never going to be easy, but offering your patients an affordable, flexible option that allows them to continue with their treatment even after they lose their dental insurance (or start treatment if they’ve never had it) creates value.

It also communicates a powerful message: You understand that their budget is tight and you’re willing to work with them to make sure they can still afford dental care.

And best of all, it encourages them to come in as regularly as possible to enjoy their benefits; the fact that most of their preventative care needs, including their initial exam and x-rays, twice yearly prophys and even take-home whitening are built into their annual enrollment fee acts as an incentive for them to keep appointments and it remain compliant when it comes to continuing care.

Achieving Your Goals for Your Dental Practice

You can see how offering your patients fair discounts when they purchase prepaid savings plans can really benefit you as well.

Insurance is out of the picture so you keep 100% of the fees. Collections issues are greatly reduced since much of the payment is done in advance of treatment. And patients are more likely to accept comprehensive and restorative treatment knowing that their enrollment means they’re getting a discount on your standard fees.

Even better, offering prepaid savings plans is a great way to attract new patients. This is a new and revolutionary idea in dentistry, and you’ll be providing something that none of the other dentists in your area offer. That can really help you stand out from your competitors, especially in a down economy.


  • Brand Names = Value
  • Membership Plan = Exclusive Savings
  • Customers spend more $ in store
  • More Products purchased
  • Savings unlocks spending


  • Your Dentistry = Value
  • Savings Plan = Exclusive Discounts
  • Customers spend more $ for dental care
  • More treatment is sought
  • Savings unlocks treatment acceptance

A Costco-style membership plan can grow your practice by reinforcing the value of your services while making sure your care remains affordable and accessible to your patients.