In-Office Dental Membership Plans Made Easy!

No long-term contract. No setup fee. No minimums.
Over 12 years in business with thousands of successful implementations.

Why Choose QDP?

Quality Dental Plan is an in-office dental membership plan that helps your practice provide care to the millions of people without traditional dental insurance benefits in your community. The QDP team has done all the homework and research so you don’t have to. From implementation to team training to marketing, we cover all bases to ensure QDP is a success for your office.

Switch and Save Thousands!

If your cell phone company was charging you 480% more, I’m sure you’d switch companies. Think about that! What would you do with the savings? Want to learn more about fees. Watch Episode 4 “Fees and Best Practices” video in Michigan Dental Associations In-office plan learning center. See why the MDA chose QDP over the others! Click here
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QDP Benefits

Increase New Patients

With 60% or more of the population without dental insurance, Quality Dental Plan provides much needed dental benefits to the thousands of people in your community without dental insurance.

Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance

Quality Dental Plan gives people a reason to accept treatment and visit your office. Eliminate the barrier of not having “insurance”.

Increase Collections

Quality Dental Plan patients pay your office directly for all treatment provided. QDP keeps the relationship between the doctor and the patient, the way it should be!

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients.

At QDP we believe that creating an in-office plan (IOP) and offering it to patients should be easy and affordable. QDP was created by dentists, for dentists. For us, that is not just a slogan. We understand, firsthand, the challenges dental offices face because we’ve lived it in private practice. It seems so many corporate interests are trying to take more and more revenue from dental offices because we seem to like easy targets for corporate investors.

I love that we have an option like Quality Dental Plan to offer our patients! A lot of patients in our area have lost dental coverage. Most people feel that a lack of dental coverage is a roadblock to going to the dentist. QDP gives those patients piece of mind about returning to the dentist

Missy Lapic, President, Next Step Dental Resource – Willoughby Hills, Ohio

I love that it was designed by a dentist who truly understands how to implement this option in proven and practical way. Because they have included the entire marketing package there’s no need to recreate the wheel.

Sandi Hudson – President, Drop The PPO

How is QDP Different?



Other Competitors

Business Enroll feature to grow your practice with local employers
Plan Deposits feature
Best Practices for risk management
Dental association endorsed
By dentists, for dentists
12+ years in real-world dental office
Employee benefit compatible
Created unique programs for specific state regulations
Simple, transparent pricing
Average $4/patient/month

General Questions

Our pricing is simple and transparent, it’s just  $0.83/patient/month for any plan. 

Yes, we provide a full suite of marketing materials within the app that you can download and customize as needed. 

You have the option to provide monthly or annual plans.  

Absolutely! There are multiple ways to learn and be successful from Day 1. You will have access to online videos, our QDPedia knowledge base created over 12 years, and even live training. We have you covered!

DO THE MATH with our “Plan Comparison” Click here

Of course, you are in complete control of your plan pricing.  

You have the option of entering payment details into the portal and setting up recurring payments or you can accept cash payments.  

Yes, with QDP it’s always your office plan.  You have the choice to call your in-office plan anything that you wish or use the QDP branding.  

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