Dear Colleagues and Clients,

“We are with you.” During these unprecedented times, we are with you and will do all we can to help navigate the unknown journey ahead. I know how you are feeling. Over 10 years ago I was forced to stop practicing dentistry and my dreams of a long prosperous career in our profession came to a screeching halt ending abruptly. I was forced to medically retire and the path in front of me was a complete unknown. I had to give up practicing forever. The psychological aspect of giving up so much of my life for a short-lived career was traumatizing. Eventually, the sun did shine again and I was able to found QDP to help dentists and patients by preserving this trusted relationship increasing access to care for millions. The sun will shine again and you will have the opportunity to practice once more.

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) COVID-19 Relief Plan

As we navigate the current unknowns in front of us, QDP will be pausing all fees and payments for our clients for the next 120 days. There is nothing you need to do to take advantage of this. Continue to offer QDP to your patients. We will be rolling this out for our current clients over the coming days.

We also recommend extending a patient’s plan 120 days if they have not already used their benefits.

Also, any dentist wishing to implement an in-office plan while their practice is on-hold in order to address the coming economic concerns of their patients, will also receive the same offer. Please contact us for help if you fall into this category.

We created QDP to serve the needs of dentists and patients. We are with you during this unprecedented time in history and will get through this together and stronger than before. Our commitment to dentists and patients remains and we look forward to supporting you in growing your business once more.

These are extraordinary times and we will navigate them in the most efficient way possible and give our valued clients what they need to continue to move forward. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering physically, emotionally, and financially.

QDP will continue to lead the way in preserving the relationship between dentist and patient.

I personally wish you courage as you battle the disruption this pandemic has produced. If we can be of any assistance in helping you during this time, please let us know. We wish you and your family well as we all work through this as a profession and as a country.

We’re with you. If you can’t keep the lights on, neither can we.

Dan Marut, DMD
President, Quality Dental Plan

Read the COVID-19 Relief Plan Press Release

Why Choose Quality Dental Plan?

Quality Dental Plan is an in-office dental savings plan that helps your practice provide care to the millions of people without traditional dental insurance benefits in your community. The QDP team has done all the homework and research so you don’t have to. From implementation to team training to marketing, we cover all bases to ensure QDP is a success for your office.

Increase New Patients

With 60% or more of the population without dental insurance, Quality Dental Plan provides much needed dental benefits to the thousands of people in your community without dental insurance.

Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance

Quality Dental Plan gives people a reason to accept treatment and visit your office. Eliminate the barrier of not having “insurance”.

Increase Collections

Quality Dental Plan patients pay your office directly for all treatment provided. QDP keeps the relationship between the doctor and the patient, the way it should be!

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