Put the Private Back into Private Practice

Eliminate insurance hassles and stay in charge of your practice

One of my friends from dental school called me shortly after he’d set up his practice to talk insurance with me. He was frustrated with how much time and money he was giving the insurance companies, and knowing that I had scrapped the insurance model and started offering my own pricing, programs, and savings plans, he was curious if he could pull it off as well.

In short, insurance and billing had become the bane of his existence while also being the very thing his success depended on. I knew exactly how my friend was feeling since I’d been in a similar position myself. Haven’t we all? That’s why my friend called me. Because I had done something about it and all of a sudden, I stood out.

Thrive Without Insurance

How did Quality Dental Plan (QDP) allow me to thrive without insurance? Well, it all has to do with eliminating third parties and putting the “private” back in private practice.

With insurance, instead of getting paid on the first visit, you discount it and wait and wait for payment. Then you continue to pay the insurance company (by discounting your services) every time your patients come in. How many new patients have the insurance companies found for you? I’m guessing none. You’re just published in a provider book with the hundreds of other dentists in your area who accept the same plan.

Most of us think of insurance as a form of marketing, but that’s not right either. Successfully marketing your services should never result in you losing revenue. When a new patient responds to an ad you’ve posted, all the money that patient spends is yours after you’ve paid for the ad. With insurance, you’re paying with every prophy you perform, every crown you place, every cavity you fill.

Regain Control of Your Practice

With QDP, the profits are all yours. Any discounts are applied directly to the patients who enroll in your practice savings plan. You also reduce your administrative costs since QDP works within the system you already have set up, rather than forcing you to adopt complicated third party systems that often require dedicated employees to administer the hoards of paperwork and follow-up. It also eliminates the overhead costs associated with collections.

QDP’s dental savings plan is simple and straightforward, and keeps you in charge of your practice. At the same time, your patients receive a substantial reduction in fees, which encourages treatment acceptance. In short, QDP increases your practice revenue,  provides real benefits for patients, and most importantly, it puts you back in control of your practice.