Growing Your Revenue Doesn’t Need to Mean Changing Your Business

A strategic shift in the way you do business can yield big results

We are creatures of habit. We follow the same routines every day. Sure, every now and then we’ll try something new, just to keep our routine from becoming too dull, but for the majority of our lives, we stick with what’s familiar. When we are familiar, we are comfortable. But what sort of effect is this having on your dental practice?

When I talk to dentists who are reluctant about trying out Quality Dental Plan (QDP), their reasons are almost always the same: I’m not really good with change. I like to stick with what I’m familiar with. I run an old-­fashioned practice and I don’t know if QDP is for me.

Seamless Integration into Your Practice.

If your fear is that your practice isn’t up ­to date enough to handle QDP, put those fears aside. QDP is designed to work as well for cutting-edge dental practices utilizing the latest technology as it does for more traditional, family oriented dental practices using technology that’s been around for a while.

In fact, QDP can be used at any dental practice, no matter how technologically advanced they are and regardless of what sort of software you’re using. We’ve put in countless hours designing it  that way. Here’s how: QDP doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s built around the very simple idea of doing the exact same dentistry you’ve been doing your entire career, but presenting it to your patients in a way that gives them value while also allowing you to keep far more of the profits than you ever would with insurance.

While I don’t believe technology is a bad thing and I’m always interested in new technology that creates a better dental experience for my patients, I also don’t believe that something needs to be high­tech to be effective. Rather, I believe in a more common sense approach.

Our Common Sense Approach

QDP increases your practice income without changing the way you do business today. It is a marketing system that helps dentists leverage what they are already offering patients while increasing revenue. It provides results without requiring an overhaul of your existing practice management software or making any other big changes to your business. You will only have to add new employees when the amount of business you are bringing in requires it.

This solution didn’t come easy. The QDP program was thoroughly tested and refined for over 3 years to get it right before launching it nationally. We studied today’s consumer buying behavior and consulted with experts in multiple fields to come up with a program that was easy to implement, gave the dentist complete control over services AND fees, provided everything from training to marketing, and backed it with unlimited support. QDP was born and the benefits of increased FFS patients, increased treatment plan acceptance, and steadfast patient loyalty became realized by dentists around the country.

Now that’s a change that I think all of us could be comfortable with!