Implementing QDP in Your Practice

Simple, yet innovative, steps lead to great strides for dental practices

Quality Dental Plan works – extremely well. As you already know, many people put off dental care because they lack insurance “benefits”. With today’s economic reality, this is truer than ever. In fact, up to 60% of the population does not have dental insurance. As a result, people in communities across the USA are looking for “value”.

Membership-Based Value Appeals to Patients – and Benefits Dentists

QDP gives them a reason to come to your office by providing real benefits in your practice. The best part is that you remain in complete control of all fees and services. There is no third party involved. There are no surprises. In fact, you’ll find out what many QDP members already know; once patients pay your office for their QDP enrollment, they’ll want to use the exclusive benefits that they’ve unlocked – resulting in an increased case acceptance.

Promoting Your Practice with Proven Strategies in the Digital Age

The team at Quality Dental Plan also provides you with targeted marketing know-how. For example, using our customized press releases, one of our offices had 75 new patients schedule in three days. Another office was interviewed on a local TV station for doing something in his community about dental health care reform. We’ve been featured on CBS, NBC, and a host of other media outlets. This directly drives patients to the QDP office nearest to them. The media loves this story because you are seen as doing something for the uninsured population of your community. Using the Quality Dental Plan story and benefits can potentially bring in hundreds of new patients.

We also provide you with a listing on our Quality Dental Plan website, Patients can easily search the site for the nearest QDP office. The site also functions as an information resource for QDP to the public. The QDP website works to encourage patients to call your office for an appointment and become part of Quality Dental Plan and its benefits. You can even find us on Facebook at:

Patient Discounts…Give Patients What They are Truly Looking For

While other types of marketing programs like free whitening, whitening for life, and $49 new patient exams may initially work to get patients in the door, over time they decrease the value of dental services because every office in your area seems to offer them at a lower and lower fee. QDP keeps patients coming to your office because they’ve “joined the club” – and keeps the value of your services high in the eyes of your community.

We believe in increasing the health of communities all across the USA and preserving the doctor-patient relationship. Unite your practice with other Quality Dental Plan offices across the country in the QDP movement.