You’re a Dentist, Not a Marketer

You know a lot about dentistry, but how much do you know about business?

Make no mistake, you’re a great dentist. Of this, I have no doubt. You’re educated, skilled and your patients say you’re the gentlest doctor they’ve ever been to. When it comes to drilling, filling and taking impressions, there’s no one better. But how are you at pitching a fastball right across home plate? What about playing first violin in Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 3? Or negotiating a billion dollar corporate buyout?

Indeed, even in your own practice there are things you don’t do. You likely outsource and refer your many different kinds of cases from ortho to endo to pedo, for example. Outsourcing has nothing to do with how smart and capable you are. You refer those cases out because they’re just not your area of expertise or you just don’t enjoy them. Why spend time doing something you don’t enjoy doing or just don’t have time for?

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

When it comes to growing our practice, increasing our revenue and building patient loyalty, for some reason we apply an entirely different logic. All of a sudden, we’re experts at running a business. We know how to market ourselves and can effectively determine what’s working and what isn’t. And most important, we know what we need to do to make our business more profitable and don’t need any help from outside marketing consultants at all.

Unfortunately, for many, this is just not the case. Marketing and practice management are highly refined skills. They’re careers in and of themselves. While you may have a slight understanding of them, you’re not an expert. And why should you be? You went to school to be a dentist.

Why QDP?

All practice owners face this dilemma. I know that I certainly did. That is why I created Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

When I was developing QDP, I knew that an efficient dental marketing system must:

QDP fulfills all of those needs and more. This is a straightforward and common sense marketing system that is easy to implement and has proven success.

Get Back to Focusing on What You Enjoy

You’re an amazing dentist. When it comes to oral health, you know your work and except when it comes to specialized procedures outside your area of expertise, there’s no need for you to seek outside help. When you want to implement a marketing system that can help you increase revenue and grow your practice, you’ll need a proven method.

There’s no better way to catapult your business ahead than to find a partner that can provide the capabilities to enhance your practice. That’s where QDP comes in. No need to reinvent the wheel, when we provide a system created by dentists for dentists! No need to spend your time doing countless hours of research and testing. Spend your time doing what you enjoy. After all, isn’t this one of the reasons we’ve dedicated so many years of our life to dentistry?