Turnkey Marketing Systems

Re-Think Your Passion for Dentistry

Let’s face it, it’s tough being a dentist. We are not loved. We’re not even really liked by most people. Frankly, many people fear us and even dread going to the dentist.

And yet, visiting our office is one of the most important healthcare appointments a person can make. We know firsthand that good oral health leads to good overall health and a sustained life. We also help people when we improve their self-confidence, which can help them socially, romantically and professionally. The benefits of good oral health cannot be understated.

You’re a Dentist, Not a Marketer

We know all of this, and yet it’s easy to lose sight of it when you’re trying to keep your practice in the black and looking for a way of dramatically increasing your practice revenue.

You may be able to place anesthetic painlessly or extract a tooth like nobody’s business, but when it comes to marketing and creating systems to increase revenue, my guess is that you don’t have a lot of experience. And why should you?

As dentists, it takes us an average of 7-8 years to earn our degree. But how many of those classes were devoted to marketing? Probably none. You’re a dentist, not a marketer. Marketing is a different profession than yours, so don’t feel bad that your experience when it comes to marketing is limited. My hunch is that the average marketing professional’s experience when it comes to filling a tooth is pretty limited as well.

And yet, we need to understand marketing, or at least accept that we have a need for it. For many of us, we need to increase our practice income if we’re ever going to be able to comfortably run our business and refocus our attention on our dentistry.

Help Your Practice Like You Help Your Patients

If you’re frustrated and have lost your passion for dentistry, or you’re just ready to find a solution that addresses your needs as a dentist and as a practice owner, QDP can help. Offering your patients prepaid savings plans will help you increase your new patient flow, improve case acceptance and generate more practice income. Our QDP member offices average an increase of 30% in their net revenue in just 6 months after joining the QDP program, while providing their patients with a benefit they won’t receive at other practices in their area.

Your time and attention are valuable, precious things. I know you’re a capable practice manager and I have no doubt you could create your own system if the desire hit you. But why put yourself through that when you know QDP works? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. QDP was created by a dentist for dentists after 3 long years of thorough testing and refinement. It’s a proven system that can dramatically increase your revenue and rid you of all the stress and frustration that come with lower profits. It’s the key for getting your passion back and becoming the dentist you always saw yourself as being.