“How I Eliminated Insurance Headaches in My Practice”

Are you tired of the increasing influence that insurance companies have on your dental practice? Thinking of implementing an in-house dental savings plan, but not sure if it’s right for your patients, or your bottom line? You’re not alone.

That’s why more dentists are turning to Quality Dental Plan (QDP). One of the first of its kind, QDP is an in-house dental savings plan that was specially developed in 2001 by dentist Dr. Dan Marut. When he realized the immense success he was having with the plan in his own practice, he became determined to share his experience with other dentists across the country.

QDP dramatically changed Dr. Marut’s practice, and here’s how it can change yours too:

  • Increases treatment acceptance by over 20%
  • Improves patient loyalty
  • Reduces third party interference
  • Attracts more fee-for-service patients
  • Boosts revenue by as much as 30%

Hundreds of dentists across the country have partnered with Quality Dental Plan. Are you ready to experience the benefits in your office? Fill out the form to learn more about QDP today.


3 Surprising Benefits of In-House Dental Savings Plans

Are you looking to jumpstart your dental practice growth in 2019?

Dentists like you who are looking to boost practice production are realizing the enormous benefits of implementing an in-house dental savings plan from Quality Dental Plan (QDP). Not only does QDP provide value for the growing numbers of patients who may not have insurance but definitely do have disposable income, it also helps dentists:

  • Improve patient retention: When patients pre-pay for a year’s worth of treatment, they’re more likely to come in for regular cleanings and proactively schedule continuing care – keeping your schedule full and productive.
  • Build patient trust: Offering alternative payment options instills in patients a greater sense of trust and loyalty – leading them to more readily accept and follow through with your treatment plan.
  • Generate predictable revenue: Patients pay in full upon signing up, and the plans renew automatically each year, reducing patients’ cost concerns and creating a predictable, sustainable source of cash flow for the practice that gives dentists peace of mind month after month and year after year.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form to find out more about Quality Dental Plan, the dental industry’s first in-house saving plan, designed by a dentist, for dentists.


Learn How In-House Dental Programs Eliminate Insurance Headaches

If you’re like most independent dentists, you’d like to increase revenue, bring in more new fee-for-service patients and eliminate many of the problems that go along with traditional insurance plans.

QDP is an in-house dental savings plan designed to do just that. We customize the program for your practice and it is 100% controlled by you.

With QDP you can:

  • End insurance headaches

  • Get more up-front cash payments

  • Gain new full-fee patients

  • Leverage a turnkey program that has been used by thousands of independent dentists like you

To find out more, fill out the form on this page and a QDP expert will be in touch shortly.



In-House Dental Savings Plans: A Win-Win For Dentists & Patients

If you are like most dentists, you’d like to increase your revenue, get more up-front cash payments, and bring in more new patients. QDP helps dentists do all of this, while also helping fee-for-service patients find a dental home — a win-win for dentists and patients.

So how do we do it? QDP is an in-house dental savings plan that is customized for your practice and 100% controlled by you. You’re able to use your practices real fees, nothing is dictated by a third party. Plus, using our proven methodology, you’ll connect with more full-fee patients who don’t already have a dentist.

Dentists who offer Quality Dental Plan at their practice:

  • Bring in more new patients

  • See more fee-for-service patients

  • Utilize their own practice management software to track and manage their program, without any new apps or software needed!

To find out more more about implementing an in-house dental savings plan with QDP, fill out the form on this page and a QDP representative will be in touch shortly.

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Hear what dental practices have to say about QDP!

“QDP has greatly increased our number of fee for service patients, and allowed us to avoid becoming dependent on insurance companies like so many other practices have done.  The treatment plan acceptance has increased, and there are no yearly “limits” to what a patient can have done. It puts the decision-making power back into the hands of the dentist and their patients. The protocol was simple to implement with the superior training we received from QDP.”


-Nancy Duque  San Antonio, TX


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Why is QDP the Largest In-House Dental Savings Program in the World?

It’s no secret, QDP is the largest in-house dental savings program in the world. But why are so many dentists taking advantage of QDP?  The benefits speak for themselves!

Dentists who partner with QDP:

  • Treat more fee-for-service patients
  • Decrease their administrative costs – no new software or apps required!
  • Don’t have to share their profits with third parties
  • Can increase revenue while keeping the patient relationship in the practice

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“As a consultant with many years in the business, I explore every opportunity to help my friends excel in their dental practices. QDP offers affordable dentistry to patients who may not otherwise be able to accept treatment. So it absolutely meets my simple criteria: Good for the patient and good for business.”

Warren Bobinsky, DMD

The Everything Dental Guy


Dental Plans vs Insurance: 5 Differences You Need to Know – SPECIAL OFFER for Tonight’s Webinar Attendees!

As you learned in tonight’s webinar, dental insurance doesn’t have to be a patient’s only option for affordable dental care. And being in-network doesn’t have to be the only way for dentists to attract – and keep – their patients in the practice.

Fill out this form to sign up for a free consultation with QDP and claim your $200 savings. Remember – this is a special offer only for tonight’s webinar attendees!

It’s important to remind patients of how in-house dental savings plans like QDP are different from standard insurance.

  1. One clear cost – no need to worry about copays, deductibles or maximums
  2. Freedom to choose their own dentist
  3. Ability to decide to pay one-time or in regular installments thru the year
  4. All preventive treatment covered for them and their family
  5. Options for additional discounted dental services

Patients are often left with lackluster options when it comes to dental plans. In-house dental savings plans put the benefit back into dental benefits – for both dentists and patients.

Complete the form on the right to sign up for your free QDP consultation & claim your exclusive $200 savings offer before December 31st. And find out how our customized in-house dental plans can make a difference in your practice.


Why Your Dental Collections Are Suffering and What You Can Do About It

Would you like to improve your dental collections? No matter how much you value your patient relationships, no dentist should be working for free. Yet that is essentially what happens every time a patient walks out of the practice without paying. With a savings plan like Quality Dental Plan, however, collections issues no longer have to be a detriment to your practice’s revenue stream.

qdp-slider6-editIssue #1: Failing to Train the Team

Team members need to have appropriate verbal skills to address patients’ financial concerns. Quality Dental Plan provides verbal skills training so your staff is able to effectively communicate the benefits of the savings plan to patients.

Issue #2: Not Having the Right Processes in Place

Are you still sending patients home with invoices, or allowing them to walk out the door without paying for services? With Quality Dental Plan, collections rates greatly improve as patients pay one fee that covers their preventive treatment for the entire year.

Issue #3: Failing to Automate

Is the front desk still mailing out hard copies of invoices, sending past due payment reminders, or trying to track patients down over the telephone? Quality Dental Plan helps dental offices automate patient payments.

QDP is powered by PlanPro, the innovative savings plan software that allows dentists to set patients up for automatic debits via ACH and every patient is renewed automatically each year.

Implementing an in-house dental savings plan can make a dramatic difference in collections rates, and Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is doing this in more offices than any other company in the industry.

  • Patients are incentivized to join a savings plan like QDP in order to access discounted rates on preventive care.
  • Patient fees are paid in full at the time of treatment so there are no unpaid balances for staff to track down.
  • Collections rates improve as patients join the savings plan, and practice revenue can increase by as much as 30%.
  • QDP member dentists can keep 100% of the fees collected, and are able to set their own fees that make the most sense for their practice. The savings from eliminating accounts receivables and insurance headaches will more than cover the cost of the program.

Dentists should be able to focus on patient care without having to worry about tracking down overdue payments. An in-house savings plan is a genuine solution for improving dental collections. Now’s the time to give patients a way to afford the care they deserve. It’s time to establish a steady and predictable revenue stream for the dental practice. And it’s finally time to make delayed patient payments the exception, not the reality.

Are you ready to overcome pesky collections hassles? Fill out the form on the right to learn more about QDP, or visit the website to find out how a dental savings plan can make a difference in your dental practice.


Small Businesses Struggle to Provide Dental Benefits: A Dentist’s Solution

Small businesses are finding it hard to continue providing quality healthcare benefits to their employers under the new healthcare laws. The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the obstacle business owners face today: providing adequate benefits to their valued employees that are still affordable to the company.

Dental benefits aren’t even included in the necessary services under the ACA, and dentists are more than well aware that many times dental coverage is among the first to go when finances are strained.

This presents a unique opportunity for dentists. What if you could provide local small business owners with a way to provide genuine, quality dental benefits to their employees at a cost often less than the insurance companies?

Offering an in-house dental savings plan, such as QDP, helps dentists provide small business owners with a way to provide dental coverage to their employees.

  • The employers will feel satisfied knowing they haven’t had to sacrifice employee dental benefits.
  • Employees themselves will have their preventive treatment covered for the entire year, and be incentivized to come in for services since the costs are included in an annual membership plan.
  • And dentists will know that they have finally found a way to reach more of the patients in their community, feeling good that they are able to provide the care their patients need at a cost they can also afford.

Click here to learn more about how QDP can help your practice with local business outreach.


Meeting Patient Expectations: Quality Dentistry at an Affordable Price

With the recent rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance is on the tops of many Americans’ minds, and that includes dental insurance. However, according to the American Dental Association, the ACA is only estimated to cover dental care for about 26 million Americans – mostly children and Medicare recipients – leaving the rest of the uninsured population searching for coverage.

Sure, there are alternatives to insurance such as dental HMO’s and so-called discount plans, but they stop short of actually providing real benefits to Americans. Many don’t provide coverage for comprehensive treatment and restrict patients from choosing their own dentist.

What if you could offer your patients a genuine alternative to dental insurance? One that would incentivize patients to seek the treatment they need, at a cost they could afford? An in-house dental savings plan benefits patients by showing them they actually can afford quality oral healthcare without the hassles of insurance. You can finally meet patient expectations – without sacrificing the welfare of your practice.


Becoming Your Patients’ Oral Health Consultant

As dentists, we need to look at our business through the eyes of our patients. And patients, particularly those who have been avoiding the dentist, don’t see dentistry the same way we do.

They see us dentists as cold and uncaring, and they see our practices as sterile. Even if this isn’t actually true, it is the way many patients perceive us, and our practices, to be.

So how can we change patients’ thought processes? Through improved communication. Take the time to get to know the patients so that you are able to build a long-term relationship. Avoid clinical language. When recommending treatment, clearly explain their options as well as your reasons as to why you recommend the course of treatment.

Speaking with patients, instead of at them, will help to foster loyalty and will help them to see you as more than just another dentist, but also as their trusted oral health consultant giving them all the more reason to keep coming back to you.