Quality Dental Plan in the Media


Dr. Aimee Russo of Baton Rouge, LA discusses people losing their insurance and those without insurance benefiting from the affordable Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

Dr. Tomase of Toledo, OH, featured on WTOL-TV Toledo News Now, discusses the effects of soda on your teeth and how even those without dental insurance insurance can visit the dentist using Quality Dental Plan (QDP).


Dr. Frank Rios Fox 30 Jacksonville, FL


“Wonderful plan (QDP) for families and small business…it encourages prevention”–Tucson Morning Blend

“Look for a dentist with a payment plan. Dr. John Addison, a private-practice dentist in Miami, Fla., offers his patients affordable dentistry through a company called Quality Dental Plan (QDP).” – Forbes Magazine

“Anyone exploring dental coverage may want to consider forgoing traditional insurance in favor of an alternative….. Quality Dental Plan, created by Oregon dentist Dr. Dan Marut.” –Fox Business News

“Lots of people don’t go to the dentist until something hurts — by that time, it’s already a problem,” Marut says. “Our goal is to get people in earlier.”–Bankrate.com

“Fewer than 6 out of every 10 Americans had dental benefits in 2010, according to a report released in late 2011….There are no waiting periods, and there’s no maximum on how much savings you can tally each year.”–Yahoo! Finance

“Dentists design their own plans and set their own prices based on the going rates for their area….. they can offer patients these plans because they don’t have to deal with the overhead costs and hassles of insurance.”–KING 5 News, Seattle, Wa

“QDP is a personalized program allowing dentists to structure the program to match their practices.”–Courier Press, IN

“The benefits of Marut’s Quality Dental Plan extend to the dentists, too, since they aren’t spending time and money on researching coverage, filing claims and placing phone calls when bills aren’t paid.” –Denise Baran-Unland, The Herald-News

The plan, Marut notes, is available to employers and groups, including retirees, part-time workers and employees’ uninsured dependents. Seven local employers have bought it for their staffs, so far.” –Mail Tribune

“Quality Dental Plan, established in October 2009, has two objectives: to get uninsured people to visit the dentist, and to put payments back in the hands of dentists.” –Michael van Baker, The Sun Break

“Should you buy individual dental insurance? Probably not, unless you need insurance as a spur to get yourself to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Instead, consider a dental discount plan.”Forbes Magazine

Dentists say more patients may be putting off cleanings and check-ups as they go without dental insurance. Now, there’s a new plan to help people without insurance get regular check-ups. It’s called the Quality Dental Plan.” – Megan Reuther, NBC News

This one simple step has allowed us to eliminate the insurance company middle man… and those savings are going right back into the pockets of folks here locally.” – Medical News 4 You

“Dr. Melanie Pugh Family Dentistry has become the first practice in Lee and Collier counties to reach out to our community and offer a Quality Dental Plan (QDP) in an effort to make quality dental work available to out of work or uninsured patients.” – Naples News

“With QDP there is no middleman or third party. Patients deal directly with the doctor. There are no paperwork hassles, waiting for payments, or mountains of follow-up hassles that the office needs to deal with.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When people lose their jobs or lose their benefits, less people — coming to the dentist becomes more of a luxury. To offer an alternative to those without dental insurance, he decided to offer (Quality Dental Plan) memberships.” – CBS News

“The brainchild of Ashland, OR, dentist Dan Marut, DMD, Quality Dental Plan sets up a customized program for dental practices that offers the uninsured an alternative to standard preventive dental care. The plan is not insurance, but rather a membership “like Sam’s Club or Costco,”…That, in fact, is the key to the program, said Marut in a phone interview….eliminating the third-party insurer from the equation.” – Seattle Times

“QDP works to customize the plan for each individual office’s set of circumstances. Each dental office controls their own plan. We show these different dental offices how to best implement their plan based on their own unique situations.” – Spare Change News