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Do what you do best and let us handle the rest.

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1. Simply fill out the form below with business contacts you already know in your community – small business owners, HR managers, executive level personnel like CFOs, all work great.

We’ll take it from there! The introduction, follow-ups, legal accounting, and HR structure will be handled by our team.  You continue to do what you do best, take great care of patients, and we’ll handle the rest! As local employers come on board, watch your new patient list grow.

Want to grow your practice the easy way? Looking for more Fee for Service patients? Want to help local employers save money and give employees a better dental benefit?



  • Let us do the heavy lifting of helping local businesses in your community organize a dental benefit that works legally and within their specific employer accounting and HR structure.

Using our Business Enroll feature is like having an entire employee benefit group at your fingertips!

  • Works whether a company has an existing dental plan or not.
  • Employers switching from dental insurance can save up to 30%!

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1. How will I know if local employers sign up?

You’ll receive an email from us letting you know a local employer has signed up.

2. Is there anything my practice needs to do to accept these patients?

For your practice, its business as usual. Offer your in-office plan and transact business as you would any other day. No special equipment or processes needed.

3. So, if I know local employers, just refer them? That’s it?

Yes. We believe in the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Super Simple! You do what you do best, provide great dental care and we handle the rest.

4. What else is there?

Just as you are an expert at providing dental care, we are experts at navigating the employee benefit landscape to provide solutions that legally comply with employer legal, accounting, and HR structures to save employers and employees money.

5. Do I have to offer QDP as my IOP?

If you have any IOP in your practice, that is all you need. If you’re a QDP client already, THANK YOU!!

6. How is confidentiality handled?

All information shared from referrals is strictly protected with the highest standards and not shared publicly in any way.

7. How do I get started?

You probably already have patients with dental insurance. Who are their employers? Are they small business owners, managers, executives? Start there. It’s easy, just fill out the form.

8. I’m scared it may not work.

Dentists and patients have been struggling with the complications and limitations dental insurance for years. With dental insurance reimbursements for procedures decreasing and out-of-pocket costs increasing, something needs to be done

IOPs offer an alternative to the wasteful “use-it or lose-it” model of dental benefits. It’s time we do something to “right the ship” and offering a more direct to employer model of dental benefits is a key step in preserving quality care and saving employers/employees money on dental benefits.

***In the case of our profession, the cost of inaction is far greater than the cost action. We’ve seen this through the years as dental insurance continues to increase its grip on dental practice. Start today, it literally doesn’t cost you anything and gives you the opportunity to gain tremendously.