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In-House Dental Savings Plans: A Win-Win For Dentists and Patients

If you are like most dentists, you’d like to increase your revenue, get more up-front cash payments, and bring in more new patients. QDP helps dentists do all of this, while also helping fee-for-service patients find a dental home — a win-win for dentists and patients.

So how do we do it? QDP is an in-house dental savings plan that is customized for your practice and 100% controlled by you. You’re able to use your own fee structure and your existing practice management software, with no third-party interference. Plus, using our proven methodology, you’ll connect with more full-fee patients who don’t already have a dentist.

Dentists who offer Quality Dental Plan at their practice:

  • Bring in more new patients

  • See more fee-for-service patients

  • Utilize their own practice management software for transaction processing, without any new apps or software needed!

To find out more more about implementing an in-house dental savings plan with QDP, fill out the form on this page and a QDP representative will be in touch shortly.

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We’re also a fan favorite of dentists and consultants alike – hear what they have to say about QDP!

“As a consultant with many years in the business, I explore every opportunity to help my friends excel in their dental practices. QDP offers affordable dentistry to patients who may not otherwise be able to accept treatment. So it absolutely meets my simple criteria: Good for the patient and good for business.”

-Warren Bobinsky, DMD

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