Dental Practice Marketing: Why It’s More Than Just Advertising

As a dentist, I’m passionate about my profession because it allows me to make a living while improving people’s lives. As the founder of Quality Dental Plan, I’m motivated to share QDP with dentists because it allows me to help more people than ever before.

Our challenge as dentists is changing patients’ beliefs about dentistry. People don’t realize how important routine preventive care is. Whether they don’t think they have time to see the dentist, or they believe it is too expensive, or if they are uninsured, too many Americans choose to skip routine care.

They often only call us when they have pain, which of course we understand is often much more expensive to treat than if they would have been coming in for regular checkups. And the problem is that pain doesn’t always accompany the more serious problems. 7 out of 10 cases of oral cancers aren’t detected until the late stages, so even though it’s 90% curable when detected early, it has one of the highest mortality rates of all cancers.

When we are able to reach more patients, we keep our communities healthier. You know that patients are out there who desperately need your care, but they are either unaware of you, or they don’t believe they can actually afford regular dental care. Dental practice marketing raises awareness for your practice, and promoting your offerings, such as QDP, can get more patients through the front door.

You may not believe in the power of dental practice marketing, or enjoy the process, but realize there is a greater message to be spread through your advertising. You aren’t just promoting your services – you’re spreading the word that preventive dentistry is important, and affordable, for everyone.