In-House Dental Savings Plans: A Win-Win For Dentists and Patients

If you are like most dentists, you’d like to increase your revenue, get more up-front cash payments, and bring in more new patients. QDP helps dentists do all of this, while also helping fee-for-service patients find a dental home — a win-win for dentists and patients.

So how do we do it? QDP is an in-house dental savings plan that is customized for your practice and 100% controlled by you. You’re able to use your practices real fees, nothing is dictated by a third party. Plus, using our proven methodology, you’ll connect with more full-fee patients who don’t already have a dentist.

Dentists who offer Quality Dental Plan at their practice:

  • Bring in more new patients

  • See more fee-for-service patients

  • Utilize their own practice management software to track and manage their program, without any new apps or software needed!

To find out more more about implementing an in-house dental savings plan with QDP, fill out the form on this page and a QDP representative will be in touch shortly.

Ask how you can get a $100 gift card when you sign up for QDP!

Hear what dental practices have to say about QDP!

“QDP has greatly increased our number of fee for service patients, and allowed us to avoid becoming dependent on insurance companies like so many other practices have done.  The treatment plan acceptance has increased, and there are no yearly “limits” to what a patient can have done. It puts the decision-making power back into the hands of the dentist and their patients. The protocol was simple to implement with the superior training we received from QDP.”


-Nancy Duque  San Antonio, TX


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7 Reasons Why Dental Savings Plans Help You Treat More Patients

Wish you could treat more patients without increasing your reliance on insurance? This could be the answer you’re looking for.

A recent podcast from industry expert and DentalTown founder Dr. Howard Farran features Dan Marut, DMD, and founder of Quality Dental Plan (QDP), the country’s leading dental savings plan company.

Download this podcast to learn all the must-know answers to common questions about dental savings plans, including the answer to one very profound dilemma: how can I provide necessary care to more of my patients?

An in-house dental savings plan like QDP is helping hundreds of dentists across the country and it can help you too. Here’s how:

  1. Dental savings plans attract new patients & builds your FFS patient base.
  2. They increase access to care by making dentistry affordable for all patients, not just those with insurance.
  3. Treatment acceptance rates rise because patients get access to exclusive savings on restorative and even cosmetic work.
  4. Patients who enroll in a plan like QDP are excited to tell friends and family, which sparks word of mouth for the dental office.
  5. Dental savings plans eliminate insurance distractions and paperwork, freeing the dental team to focus on more productive tasks.
  6. Plans like QDP create an annual, predictable revenue stream, which allows you to reinvest in your practice, update your equipment, hire more staff and get more patients in the chair.
  7. When you choose to partner with a proven leader like QDP, you can be up and running in just days. Many think they can build their own plan, but if you’re producing $200, $300, even $500 an hour, why not focus on working a few more hours instead of reinventing the wheel? Partner with a plan you know works – Quality Dental Plan – and start treating more patients immediately.

Fill out the form on this page to download Dr. Farran’s recent podcast and learn everything you need to know about why a dental savings plan like QDP will help you increase the access to quality dental care within your community.

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How to Grow Your Practice Without Relying on Insurance – One Dentist’s Story

Are you growing frustrated with insurance companies’ increasing encroachments on your dental practice? As a dentist myself, I have experienced firsthand the frustrations that come with accepting dental insurance, and I understand the desire to reduce third party influence and get back to treating patients the way they deserve to be treated.

That’s why I created Quality Dental Plan (QDP), the industry leader in in-house dental savings plans. And after I noticed the successes achieved in my office, I became determined to share my experience with dentists all over the country. QDP dramatically changed my dental practice, and here’s how it can change yours too:

  1. Attracts more new fee-for-service patients by providing the uninsured population with a way to pay for the care they are so desperately in need of
  2. Increases revenue by as much as 30% by incentivizing patients to not only pay up front for a years’ worth of services but to keep coming back
  3. Improves patient loyalty because patients who join a plan like QDP are 70% more likely to refer others to the office
  4. Increases treatment acceptance by over 20% since patients are more likely to proceed with treatment knowing they’re getting a “good deal”
  5. Reduces third party influence, allowing you the dentist to set your own fees and not adhere to a corporations’ rules and regulations

Want to learn more about in-house dental savings plans? Fill out the form on this page to set up a time to talk with me directly and discover the amazing changes a plan like QDP can make in your practice.

– Dan Marut, DMD and Founder, Quality Dental Plan


7 Ways Dental Savings Plans Help Your Practice Bust the Insurance Mindset

Contrary to what dental insurance companies would have you believe, going in-network is NOT a must when it comes to running a successful practice. So if you’re looking to reduce the influence dental insurance has in your practice – and on your patients – consider new options. And a recent Dawson Academy blog presents a viable solution for dentists: offer an in-house dental savings plan like Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

With QDP, dentists see increases in production and revenue while their reliance on third parties decreases. A dental savings plan like QDP can make notable differences in your practice. Here are 7 examples:

  1. With QDP, patients get access to a year’s worth of preventive care at a reduced cost
  2. There’s no waiting for reimbursement checks since patients pay upfront
  3. Dental savings plans incentivize patients to accept more treatment
  4. Dentists don’t have to worry about claims, maximums or third party interference with treatment decisions
  5. QDP practices that offer dental savings plans report an increase in patient referrals
  6. Dental savings plans give uninsured patients a way to pay for the care they desperately need
  7. 40-50% of patients without dental benefits want a plan and are willing to pay for it

Are you ready to bust the insurance mindset in your practice? Join hundreds of dentists across the country who have already made the same change and are realizing the benefits and freedoms that a dental saving plan like QDP provides. Click here to learn how QDP can transform your office and help you provide care to more patients – with or without insurance.


Dental Plans vs Insurance: 5 Differences You Need to Know

Dental insurance doesn’t have to be a patient’s only option for affordable dental care. And being in-network doesn’t have to be the only way for dentists to attract – and keep – their patients in the practice. It’s important to remind patients of how in-house dental savings plans like QDP are different from standard insurance.

  1. One clear cost – no need to worry about copays, deductibles or maximums
  2. Freedom to choose their own dentist
  3. Ability to decide to pay one-time or in regular installments thru the year
  4. All preventive treatment covered for them and their family
  5. Options for additional discounted dental services

Patients are often left with lackluster options when it comes to dental plans. In-house dental savings plans put the benefit back into dental benefits – for both dentists and patients!

Interested in learning more about QDP? Click here to find out how our customized in-house dental plans can make a difference in your practice.



Why Your Dental Collections Are Suffering and What You Can Do About It

Would you like to improve your dental collections? No matter how much you value your patient relationships, no dentist should be working for free. Yet that is essentially what happens every time a patient walks out of the practice without paying. With a savings plan like Quality Dental Plan, however, collections issues no longer have to be a detriment to your practice’s revenue stream.

qdp-slider6-editIssue #1: Failing to Train the Team

Team members need to have appropriate verbal skills to address patients’ financial concerns. Quality Dental Plan provides verbal skills training so your staff is able to effectively communicate the benefits of the savings plan to patients.

Issue #2: Not Having the Right Processes in Place

Are you still sending patients home with invoices, or allowing them to walk out the door without paying for services? With Quality Dental Plan, collections rates greatly improve as patients pay one fee that covers their preventive treatment for the entire year.

Issue #3: Failing to Automate

Is the front desk still mailing out hard copies of invoices, sending past due payment reminders, or trying to track patients down over the telephone? Quality Dental Plan helps dental offices automate patient payments.

QDP is powered by PlanPro, the innovative savings plan software that allows dentists to set patients up for automatic debits via ACH and every patient is renewed automatically each year.

Implementing an in-house dental savings plan can make a dramatic difference in collections rates, and Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is doing this in more offices than any other company in the industry.

  • Patients are incentivized to join a savings plan like QDP in order to access discounted rates on preventive care.
  • Patient fees are paid in full at the time of treatment so there are no unpaid balances for staff to track down.
  • Collections rates improve as patients join the savings plan, and practice revenue can increase by as much as 30%.
  • QDP member dentists can keep 100% of the fees collected, and are able to set their own fees that make the most sense for their practice. The savings from eliminating accounts receivables and insurance headaches will more than cover the cost of the program.

Dentists should be able to focus on patient care without having to worry about tracking down overdue payments. An in-house savings plan is a genuine solution for improving dental collections. Now’s the time to give patients a way to afford the care they deserve. It’s time to establish a steady and predictable revenue stream for the dental practice. And it’s finally time to make delayed patient payments the exception, not the reality.

Are you ready to overcome pesky collections hassles? Fill out the form on the right to learn more about QDP, or visit the website to find out how a dental savings plan can make a difference in your dental practice.


Overcoming the #1 Dental Patient Objection to Treatment

In an ADA report released at the end of 2014, it was reported that financial issues are the number one reason for delayed dental care. Now, as a dentist, this may not come as any surprise to you, although it is certainly frustrating to hear.

Many Americans believe that if they don’t have dental insurance coverage, then they cannot access care. Even those with dental benefits believe that comprehensive dental treatment is simply unaffordable.

This is a big reason why I developed Quality Dental Plan. My own patients didn’t value dentistry and many were unable to proceed with treatment because of cost concerns. No one’s financial situation should prohibit them from getting the care they need. That’s where a dental savings plan like QDP comes in.

With a plan like QDP, patients pay upfront for a year’s worth of preventive care, with the option for further discounts. The cost, determined by the dentist, is often less than what they would pay if they bought traditional insurance. And the headaches related to insurance are eliminated – no more stressing about deductibles, copays and maximums.

Dental savings plans also reduce headaches for the dental team. No more struggling to get through the piles of paperwork, or waiting for reimbursements to come in. With QDP, the dentists gets paid immediately and even better, gets to keep 100% of what they produce.

It’s not acceptable for our patients to forego dental care because of affordability concerns. Offering a plan like QDP will help dentists overcome the number one dental patient objection and allow them to reach countless more patients throughout their communities.


A Fresh Approach to Dental Benefits: Give Patients a Reason to Come Back

How an in-house dental savings plan provides dentists with a way to attract more patients and to keep them coming back for care

Consider this real-life scenario detailed on the popular Dental Warrior blog. A patient comes into the practice of author Dr. Mike Barr in need of significant work. She had been to the practice years before, but not kept regular appointments. She was nervous so she brought her husband along. After learning she would need extensive restoration work, the conversation turned to costs.

Dr. Barr recently implemented Quality Dental Plan (QDP) in his practice. When he sat down with the patient and her husband, Dr. Barr explained that his new in-house dental savings plan could help them afford the care she needed. It turns out not only had the couple already signed up for QDP with the financial coordinator, but even more interesting, the husband sells dental insurance!

Even an insurance salesman sees the benefits of a dental savings plan like QDP over traditional dental benefits! There’s no insurance company to contend with, and the savings and benefits are greater.

What is Quality Dental Plan?

  • It’s the industry leader in providing in-house dental savings plans to hundreds of dentists across the country.
  • QDP helps dentists attract more new patients and grow their fee-for-service patient base.
  • For a cost often less than insurance, patients pay upfront for a year’s worth of preventive care with additional access to discounts on comprehensive and cosmetic procedures.
  • QDP remove issues of cost and affordability from the financial discussion.

In the blog, Dr. Barr is convinced that this previously unpredictable patient will now complete her course of care since she committed to the QDP program. In fact, case acceptance rates can rise over 25% with an in-house dental savings plan, as patients are more likely to proceed with treatment.

Do you want to attract more fee-for-service patients? Are you looking for a way to overcome patients’ affordability concerns and increase treatment acceptance? Fill out the form on the right to discover how an in-house dental savings plan can be the answer you – and your patients – have been looking for.


How One Decision Can Help Achieve True Dental Practice Success

A first-hand look at the impacts an in-house dental savings plan made in one practice

Dr. M runs a general practice in rural Oklahoma. While the practice is profitable, Dr. M was looking for something more. He was searching for a way to attract more fee-for-service patients while improving case acceptance rates among his current patient base.

Dr. M discovered Quality Dental Plan. He thought perhaps this in-house dental savings plan could be the solution he was looking for, so he signed up with QDP in October 2012.

He set his membership fee at $300, giving patients the chance to pay upfront for a year’s worth of preventive care. His patients were now able to afford the dental care they needed, and not have to worry about issues with deductibles, maximums or copays.

By October 2013, Dr. M had enrolled 300 members in QDP at his practice. While the savings plan was truly a value-add for his patients, he saw his practice thriving at the same time.

Through QDP:

  • Dr. M created a predictable annual revenue stream of $90,000 in the first year.
  • Recall intervals tightened and case acceptance rates increased because patients had prepaid for treatment.
  • There were no longer concerns about collections or dealing with insurance company hassles since patients no longer needed to rely on insurance. Dr. M was even able to give his staff bonuses based on collections!
  • Finally there was a compelling way of reaching more new patients and growing the fee-for-service patient base.

By October 2014, two years into his QDP membership, Dr. M reports enrolling another 300 patients in his plan. With 600 patients now taking part, Dr. M has over 50% of his patient base prepaid for treatment – every year!

What is next on Dr. M’s QDP to-do list? Take advantage of QDP’s professionally designed marketing templates to help spread the word throughout the community and surrounding towns to reach even more patients in order to provide them with the care they need at a price they can afford.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dentists don’t have to be located in a sprawling urban area or spend a ton of money to achieve practice success.
  • Insurance is not always the answer.
  • Increasing production, treatment acceptance, collections and new patient flow can be accomplished with the right solution.

Want to learn how to make dental practice success a reality in your dental practice? Fill out the form on the right to discover how to create your own similar success story for your dental practice.


Small Businesses Struggle to Provide Dental Benefits: A Dentist’s Solution

Small businesses are finding it hard to continue providing quality healthcare benefits to their employers under the new healthcare laws. The New York Times recently published an article highlighting the obstacle business owners face today: providing adequate benefits to their valued employees that are still affordable to the company.

Dental benefits aren’t even included in the necessary services under the ACA, and dentists are more than well aware that many times dental coverage is among the first to go when finances are strained.

This presents a unique opportunity for dentists. What if you could provide local small business owners with a way to provide genuine, quality dental benefits to their employees at a cost often less than the insurance companies?

Offering an in-house dental savings plan, such as QDP, helps dentists provide small business owners with a way to provide dental coverage to their employees.

  • The employers will feel satisfied knowing they haven’t had to sacrifice employee dental benefits.
  • Employees themselves will have their preventive treatment covered for the entire year, and be incentivized to come in for services since the costs are included in an annual membership plan.
  • And dentists will know that they have finally found a way to reach more of the patients in their community, feeling good that they are able to provide the care their patients need at a cost they can also afford.

Click here to learn more about how QDP can help your practice with local business outreach.