Dental Practice Leadership: 8 Tips for Optimizing Your Team

A dental practice cannot fully realize its potential if everyone in the practice isn’t on board and functioning 100%. As practice owners, dentists are also the CEO and leaders of their practices. Dental practice leadership involves making sure that each member of the team is contributing what they can to keep the practice running smoothly.

Dental assistants are often on the front lines of the dental practice. They have ample opportunities to interact with patients, in addition to performing services. Dental assistants play an important role in keeping the practice on a timely schedule each day. Check out these 8 tips on how to maximize the efficiency of dental assistants.

Consider your own dental practice leadership for a moment. Could there be any room for improvement within your existing processes?

Each team member that communicates with patients, either in the practice or in between appointments, plays a part in the overall patient experience, and happy patients are long-term patients. It’s good to remember that teamwork is essential to patient satisfaction and ultimately, to long-term practice success.


Dental Practice Employee Compensation: Let’s Talk About It!

Open lines of communication with your dental practice staff are important for a number of reasons (practice growth, goal achievement, long-term stability to name a few). However, communicating with staff doesn’t always come easy, especially when they come to you to discuss compensation.

A recent article in Dental Products Report addresses the top employee compensation mistakes dentists often make. Are you possibly committing some of the following bad habits referenced in the article?

  •  Offering wage increases based on reasons other than merit
  • Failing to define what “success” means in terms of each employee’s performance
  • Giving everyone on the team the same wage and/or bonus
  • Increasing wages without evidence of practice growth
  • Lacking opportunities for open communication

The DPR article is definitely worth a read, especially for those who dread employee compensation conversations. Instead of avoiding these conversations, take a proactive approach and get the team on board for a fresh and successful start to the New Year.