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Looking for ways to provide the people of his community with dental “benefits,” Dr. Dan Marut co-founded Quality Dental Plan alongside Samantha Stephens with the singular focus of providing people who put off dental care because they lack of traditional insurance with tangible benefits they can use at their local dental office.

After researching and testing the QDP concept for over three years in his own dental office and successfully serving thousands of patients, Dr. Dan Marut and Samantha Stephens officially launched the QDP program nationwide in 2009. It was clear they had created something special. Within its first year of operation, QDP was in use in over 30 states, bringing much needed dental care to tens of thousands of patients in hundreds of communities nationwide and creating a win-win relationship between the dental office and patient. Quality Dental Plan has become the leading source for dentists to sustainably implement a dental savings program in their office and for patients to get benefits they need in order to visit the dentist.

As Quality Dental Plan continues spreading to dental offices and communities across the USA, the mission of QDP remains simple: Assist dentists in creating a sustainable dental office savings program that fits their needs and provide millions without dental insurance with a compelling reason to visit the dentist. In short, create a mutually beneficial relationship between dentists and patients everywhere!

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