Additional Benefits of QDP

QDP opens your practice up to the 60% of Americans without dental benefits. It allows you reach new sources of patients to increase your revenue without the hassle of 3rd party companies. You remain independent and stay in control of your practice as it grows.

QDP is powered by PlanPro software that enables dentists to seamlessly implement and manage their own savings plan programs. For those dentists who want the benefits of QDP but who aren’t looking for marketing and PR support, we are happy to offer MemberDent, a DIY-approach that allows dentists to easily craft and offer customized dental savings plans specifically tailored to their practice’s needs and standards of care. Whether you choose QDP, MemberDent or simply want to license the PlanPro software, we will provide the essential training needed to successfully manage your practice’s plan.

Members are also given geographic exclusivity – which means no other local dentist will be able to offer what you can. QDP gives your practice a competitive edge. It helps you provide quality, affordable dental care to more patients AND steadily add to your bottom line.

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